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601. Flowers and Girls Coloring Book by YonYon

  • Publish: 2020

  • Author: Yonyon

  • Coloring Page Count: 43 pages

  • Instant Download Price: US$5.99

43 Printable coloring pages~High quality images fit on A4 paper, ready to print n color!

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The story of flower language and flowers is reborn as girls full of personality.

《Flowers and Girls Coloring Book》 is a coloring book in which illustrator Yonyon reinterprets the words of flowers, stories related to flowers, and the feelings of flowers with her own sensibility and draws them as lovely girls. You will meet 32 ​​kinds of flowers, from flowers commonly seen like forsythia, tulips, and chrysanthemums, to slightly unfamiliar flowers such as snowdrops, wild flowers, and pentas. Like a diary of carefully collected flowers, it contains the flower name, the flower language, and a short message from the author to the reader, and each picture contains a story to stimulate imagination. In particular, it is a great attraction of this book that you can complete your own work by looking at the various paintings of the artist Yon-Yon who completed the energy of flowers in beautiful colors. On the last page, there is a picture of the girls dreaming of each other in a fantastic space where various flowers and various wisteria flowers appear in this book. . If you relive the sensibility that you were tired of forgotten by repeating life by painting one by one with your favorite color like blooming flowers, you will be happy as if you received a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

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